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Think a facial is ‘too expensive’? Think again!

Think a facial is ‘too expensive’? Think again! – Have you ever said “That’s too expensive” about a facial? Try rephrasing it to “My skin isn’t worth that”. It doesn’t sound so reasonable now, does it? Whilst nails, brows and waxing are all big business in the beauty industry, we’re surprised how reluctant people are to invest in their skin. But why should you spend money on a facial like Microdermabrasion? Let us clue you in… Continue reading “Think a facial is ‘too expensive’? Think again!”


Pure Perfection Goes Back to School

Pure Perfection Goes Back to School – Holly and my Myself had a really inspiring day at Hollins last week.

With the support of EBP(NW)LTD we with students to help them gain real life hands on experience of various roles with in the beauty environment.  Continue reading “Pure Perfection Goes Back to School”


A serum, The Little Giant of Skincare.

A serum is the part of an everyday skincare routine that is easily forgotten. Customers tend to focus on the cleansers and moisturizers and forget about these active-ingredients-infused skincare super-food products.

They give our skin the extra boost it needs to look and feel fabulous. Even when customers say that they don’t need a serum, there’s usually something about their skin that they want to fix: dark spots, sagging, wrinkles, dehydration, sensitivity…

Continue reading “FIVE NEW YOUTH SERUMS FOR 2017”