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Think a facial is ‘too expensive’? Think again!

Think a facial is ‘too expensive’? Think again! – Have you ever said “That’s too expensive” about a facial? Try rephrasing it to “My skin isn’t worth that”. It doesn’t sound so reasonable now, does it? Whilst nails, brows and waxing are all big business in the beauty industry, we’re surprised how reluctant people are to invest in their skin. But why should you spend money on a facial like Microdermabrasion? Let us clue you in… Continue reading “Think a facial is ‘too expensive’? Think again!”

Benefits of Cosmeceuticles

Aesthetic medicine or cosmetic approach?

Two complementary solutions…

“Today we all seek quick solutions to remove the effects oftime from our faces. Customers often prefer medical aesthetics procedures to surgical aesthetics procedures.

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