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SPRAY TAN: WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW – with sunburn greatly affecting our skin, a lot of women today who are obsessed about maintaining a flawless skin will go to any length to get the perfect skin care product to protect their skin from the adverse effect of the sun. I’m sure you don’t want to go around spotting a badly damaged skin caused by overexposure of your skin to sunrays? Continue reading “SPRAY TAN: WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW”

Tanning for summer

Couture Tanning Solutions come in two shades

Romantic Glow suitable for pale to medium skin tones.

Romantic Bronze suitable for medium to dark skin tones.

Couture Tanning Solutions contain a natural ”guide” colour to aid the therapist with application. The ”guide” colour is so natural that clients can continue their day and no one will know they have had a spray tan.

The tan has a five hour absorption time, develops fully within 24 hours and lasts with care between seven and ten days.

Full Body Spray Tan £25.00

Half Body Spray Tan £15.00