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How to care for the different parts of your skin

How to care for the different parts of your skin

How to care for the different parts of your skin

The skin consists of hundreds of different kinds of cells, structures and compounds. It is a complicated organ undertaking very important work. There are three layers to the skin; the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis, but each one has many different components that do different jobs. Here is an introduction to some of the most important parts of your skin. Continue reading “How to care for the different parts of your skin”

Is dry and dehydrated skin making you look older than you are?

As we age, our skin produces less oil to naturally lubricate it. That means our skin becomes drier and more dehydrated, causing wrinkles and fine lines to become more pronounced. If you’re already noticing visible signs of ageing on your skin and want to promote a youthful complexion, without having to worry about dryness or dehydration, take note of the following tips:

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Hot New Trend for a Autumn

Lots of us suffer from an uneven skin tone, and it can make some people very self-conscious, especially when we begin to notice skin spots and blotchy skin.  Because most uneven skin tones are superficial, microdermabrasion is usually the first treatment option people go for.  Continue reading “Hot New Trend for a Autumn”

We’re telling the world!

Pure Perfection offers Skin Base facials as advertises on TV.

SkinBase advertise on TV

Exciting news to announce we are official salons who perform SkinBase treatments as advertise on TV. We hope you guys already know all about SkinBase facials but we needed to make sure the rest of the Country were in on this not so well kept secret too.

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Gentlemen, does your back suffer from neglect?

Gentlemen, does your back suffer from neglect? Do you want to get rid of those pesky breakouts?

Does your body need to be beach-ready in a short space of time? If you have answered yes, please have a read of our blog post below.

Dedicated to the benefits of Microdermabrasion for the back, we are sure you will be booking in with your nearest Therapist as soon as you have read the last line!

A back facial you say?

We have all heard the phrase “I soooo need a facial”, but what about the rest of our body?

The back is a hard-to-reach part of the body that can suffer from blackheads, acne, dry skin or oiliness.

It could simply be lacking a good, deep cleanse… let me introduce you to the back facial!

 Microdermabrasion (MD) treats a whole host of skin conditions.

Ask your local SkinBase Therapist to perform that much-needed facial, on your back! This deep-cleansing, exfoliating treatment will leave your back feeling soft and smooth. Skin will be clear of spot breakouts and blackheads.

A course of SkinBase MD treatments will also smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone. Get a back to be proud of with SkinBase back facials.

So, gentlemen, there is no excuse