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A serum, The Little Giant of Skincare.

A serum is the part of an everyday skincare routine that is easily forgotten. Customers tend to focus on the cleansers and moisturizers and forget about these active-ingredients-infused skincare super-food products.

They give our skin the extra boost it needs to look and feel fabulous. Even when customers say that they don’t need a serum, there’s usually something about their skin that they want to fix: dark spots, sagging, wrinkles, dehydration, sensitivity…

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Why we love facial serums at Pure perfection

What is a serum????????

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As a therapist I have always found it hard explaining to my customers what is a facial serum for and how it can help my clients get the most from their facials.

To me “a serum is the antibiotic prescribed by your therapist.” This is the intensity of a product that will work at a much deeper level on the skin. Giving you a much quicker and instant result from a product.

The institute facials we offer in the salon have these insane ingredients in them so your serums will prolong the benefits at home and give you a much longer result with your facials and skin care routines at home.

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