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New year, ‘new you’ treat for 2020

New year, ‘new you’ treat

So, you survived the mayhem of the festive season but are you left feeling tired, dehydrated, deflated and in need of boost?  Then we may have the perfect thing for you!!

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Back to school blues

Ahhh!  September.  Heat begins to cool off.  Leaves begin to change.  The warm spicy scents of autumn fill the air. Alarm clocks ring earlier.  Traffic gets heavier.  Homework piles up.  Schedules grow dense with meetings, and games, and concerts.  All of a sudden we have more to do and less time to do it.

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Our Healthy Habits Guide Continues… Relax

Healthy Habit  – RELAX!

Easy right? Well no, we know it’s not as simple as just saying it, you may feel like you are so busy all the time where can you possibly find time to relax? But for the sake of your health, you owe it to yourself to try.

When we are stressed our body releases stress hormones, stress can trigger spot outbreaks and make our skin more sensitive and reactive. Stress can also be a contributing factor for a whole host of other ailments that can leave you not feeling, or performing, at your best.

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How can salt and sugar be good for you?

With our customised escape!!!

Hot towel Treatment,  
This escape puts you and your wellbeing right at the centre of each individual treatment.

A smoothing salt and sugar scrub is followed by a relaxing full body massage using your chosen texture of product infused with the escape fragrance of your choice.

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