Sothys Micro Gel Peeling 50ml


Sothys Micro Gel Peeling 50ml A texture containing white tea extract and exfoliating particles, for gentle exfoliation.

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It melts on the skin and transforms into oil when applied, then into milk on contact with water.


  • All skin types except sensitive skin
  • Removes dead cells and promotes cell renewal
  • Improves skin’s complexion and prevents from premature ageing

Recommended Use:
Apply 2ml to dry or slightly moistened skin following cleansing. Massage the gel in rotating movements over the entire face and neck to exfoliate the layer of dead skin cells. Then add a little water to transform the emulsion to a hydrating creamy texture. Rinse off any remnant of the exfoliating grains from the skin and gently towel dry. Then apply Sothys Treatment Lotion, serums and creams according to skin type. Use 1-2 x per week. Although the exfoliating grains are very fine and smooth sensitive skin types should use the Gommage Exfoliant.


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