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Sothys Sleeping Beauty Facial 45Mins

Cost per treatment £45

Starting with a cleanse to your skin with our Eye and lip makeup removing fluid and the cleansing duo that is suitable for your skin type

Performing a skin exfoliation and deep cleanse with Desquacrem Forte Microderm.
 Then applying the Wrinkle-specific serum on the face and neck and performing a wrinkle pinching massage.

The Firming specific serum is applied to the face and neck, and using efflerauge massaging movements and fanning movements to absorb the product.
 A a 10-minute relaxing massage with Cristalline modelling cream and the new nO2ctuelle Detox resurfacing overnight cream .

Followed by applying a sachet of Chrono-destressing sleeping mask on the face and neck.

Absorbing work for 10 minutes and the massage the rest in the skin.

The skin is now relaxed, renewed and ready to go to bed!

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