Skinny Jab

The revolution has begun……

Do the diet, stay on the diet, so easy

No hunger, no cravings, no starvation

No suffering, just fabulous results, that last

We are delighted to be offering this new FDA approved aid to help achieve successful weight loss to our clients and will be holding regular clinics at our salons.

Any further information then please email to book your appointment with us please follow our online booking system or please call 01254 386268.

Please not clinic days are only available on mon 4th sept – 25th sept – 16th oct – 6th nov – 27th nov – 18th december

  • SkinnyJab is a revolution for weight loss and maintaining a healthy diet
  • Simple daily painless injection helps you stay on course with your healthy eating plan
  • Curbs hunger and reduces cravings
  • Fast and effective with no stress whatsoever on the body, no sudden weight gain afterwards
  • Fat melts away and the pounds disappear
  • Clinical average weight loss is 13.4 lbs. over 3 weeks
  • This is a prescription only medication licensed and approved for weight loss in the UK

£200.00 Per 3 Week Treatment prescription – A registered qualified medical professional can only prescribe this medication

Skinny Jab is a UK licenced, FDA Approved revolutionary weight loss prescription medication.

Simply administered by a daily automatic pen injection. Instantly curbs appetite by maintaining stable blood glucose levels.

Noticeable reduction of hunger, cravings for sweet and fatty foods. Increases metabolism. Fast results!!

No nasty side effects, no sudden weight gain when stopped.


Message me for further information or free consultation appointment and learn more about this amazing new product!